The Factory is located in the heart of Bologna in Italy.

 ByLundemo chose to work with one of the most consolidated companies in the craftmanship of leather and surfaces in Emilia Romagna.

 Due to the factory's great communications, enhanced by their distinctive reputation  with other big brands, made them one of the best leading factories in Italy. With the small, intimate and knowledgeable team, the factory offers private and professional design and service.

 The factory have great reputation with other big brands which makes them one of the best leading factories in Italy. They offer great service and support. The consultants in the factory helps to establish a tailor-made environment where they follow through each project for ByLundemo exactly the way we want.

The love of what we do at ByLundemo generates great dynamic relationship with the team in the factory. Without difficulty, in combination with the great communication leads to easy check-ups.